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Maidenhair Tree Tinnitus

For those of you who are not aware of what tinnitus is, permit me to simply mention that it is actually a nonstop buzzing of 1 or both ears. This buzzing of the ears may be a sign of something more severe including the loss of hearing ability. For individuals who suffer from this problem, it’s annoying and they’re searching for new ways and new drugs to treat their issue once and for all. More than 20 years ago a doctor conducted a research to learn the […]

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Tinnitus: Causes And Treatment

Tinnitus is a symptom and not a disease in by itself. Tinnitus explains the symptom of being able to hear stuff that nobody else can, even though in a rare number of instances, this is not true. Tinnitus is really a rather common affliction with about 10% of the population experiencing Tinnitus to one degree or another. It is most commonly observed in older people although it’s turning out to be much more common in the younger population. Additionally, Tinnitus can be found in a single or […]

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